GIRONA & FIGUERES TOUR (includes free buffet)

24 May 2016: The motorcoach departs from our conference center in Barcelona at 9:00 AM


The city of GIRONA was founded by the Romans and its old town contains one of the finest assemblages of historic architecture in the country: medieval walls, Romanesque and Gothic monuments, baroque spaces and one of the best-preserved Jewish quarters in Europe. The vibrant and superbly laid-out new town contains remarkable art-nouveau buildings and outstanding examples of contemporary architecture. The past and present converge on the banks of the river, which reflects the city's picturesque facades, and provide the visitor with a lesson in history, art and life. It's inevitable to fall in love with the city's charms.


Forty-five kilometers to Girona' south, we visit Dali's FIGUERES. All around the world, one cannot speak of surrealism without speaking of Dali and his city. It was in Figueres that Dali wished to leave his most representative legacy: the Teatre-Museu Dali, conceived and designed as his great work and as a place where visitors can explore his singular universe more deeply. This famous museum - to which delegates will enjoy free entry - is complemented by the pleasure of strolling around the historic centre and enjoying its extraordinary range of shops.

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